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Toy Tuesday: Paper Golf

Welcome to another Toy Tuesday at Hatchtopia.  Today, we’ll be looking at something that will probably be a bit advanced for your typical hatchback-enthusiast child… who are we fooling – all of the previous toys have been strictly for grown-ups anyway.

Do you enjoy Exacto Knives?  The attendant slices in your finger tips?  The smell of aviation fuel glue?  Have I got a little project for you – a paper Volkswagen Golf.

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Toy Tuesday: Datsun 240Z

I’ve decided to make Toy Tuesday a semi-regular feature here at Hatchtopia.  Why?  Because it’s fun.  This particular ride is a hyper-realistic version of the 1st Generation Datsun Z, rolling on a 390 millimeter wheelbase.  I think you’ll agree that the detail on this car is very impressive at any size.

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Toy Tuesday: Lego Hatchback

By now, everyone knows of my love for Hatchbacks.  Some of you may know of my love of Legos.  My collection started when I was about 4 and developed to the point that by age 12, I had enough Lego cars, buildings, minifigs (the people) and accessories to create a pretty sizable town that I had laid out on a 4×8 sheet of plywood supported by sawhorses in the basement.  It was there that I became an Urban Planner – my current career.  That emphasis on the layout of the town and the buildings within was probably why I never developed too many detailed car models.  I did have a fleet of various cars that populated my table-town, but they were mostly mass-produced: either copies of retail models, or variations on a couple of my own standard designs.  But one thing was common, the design had to fit on the roads in my town.

It was that road-width issue that kept me from branching out too far like the creator of today’s feature.

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Hare Splitter

There are a lot of vehicles for sale discussed on this blog, and honestly, they’re all quite affordable as cars go. Then again, perhaps you don’t need a new car – the hatchback you’ve already got meets your needs, is paid off, whatever.  So I present to you the first in an occasional series of more affordable hatchbacks.

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