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Toy Tuesday: Fiat 500 Abarth

These pages have featured Fiat’s first offering in the United States since abandoning the market nearly 30 years ago – but not the anticipated Abarth version.  Yet.

Fortunately, today the wait is over.

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Toy Tuesday: 1992 Honda Civic

Used to be, the Fifth Generation Honda Civic was as common as Bott’s Dots on an LA freeway.  A couple of decades of hard commuting miles, unsympathetic secondary market buyers and rust have reduced their numbers significantly.  The ones that remain are likely to be fitted with fart-can exhausts and stick-on vents from Pep Boys – so unless you’re in to that sort of thing, potential Civic shoppers looking for a nice example have been mostly out of luck.

Until now.

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Toy Tuesday: Paper Golf

Welcome to another Toy Tuesday at Hatchtopia.  Today, we’ll be looking at something that will probably be a bit advanced for your typical hatchback-enthusiast child… who are we fooling – all of the previous toys have been strictly for grown-ups anyway.

Do you enjoy Exacto Knives?  The attendant slices in your finger tips?  The smell of aviation fuel glue?  Have I got a little project for you – a paper Volkswagen Golf.

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