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HIT! Chevrolet Camaro


What’s special about a 90s Camaro? Just one of the better factory-installed spoilers ever installed. Here’s to an unspoiled week in Hatchtopia.



It’s a CRX SI and apparently, fairly stock. Hope your week is similarly un-molested, Hatchtopians.

HIT! Acura Integra 5-Door

Did I mention last week that Honda also produced a 5-door version of the Integra?  No, well here’s one…


Sadly, not only is the Integra nameplate gone, replaced by a meaningless and stupid combination of letters and hyphens, the compact Acura hatchback is no more as well.  On that positive note, have a great week, Hatchtopians!

HIT! Acura Integra 3-Door

The concept of a luxury compact car was a foreign one on these shores.  The first generation Acura Integra helped introduce the idea to the United States in 1986.  Based on the Civic, but offering more power and equipment, the Integra anchored the lower end of the Acura line, but was priced close to Accord territory.  Despite this, they sold pretty well, and being a Honda, if the sheetmetal hasn’t rusted way entirely, the chances are pretty good that the car is still serving daily driver duty.  Like this one…


It’s the first week in July – stay cool Hatchtopians.

HIT! Toyota Tercel

Used to be, Toyota was capable of designing a nice, clean honest car.  The mid-80s Tercel was one.  Before the blobby uglyness of the Echo and the oddly lumpy and overwrought Yaris, this car anchored the bottom end of the Toyota food chain.


Enjoy the week, Hatchtopians!

HIT! The Alpha-Rabbit – VW GTI R32

That title line is a bunch of letters that don’t spell anything.  All you need to know is this: 247 Horses, all-wheel-drive.  This is the top of the rabbit totem pole.



Another week in Hatchtopia begins…. NOW.

HIT! Rotary Hatchtastic Mazda RX-8

The RX- series of Mazda sports coupes evolved from a tiny little two-seater to this odd duckling – multiple doors, but still no pistons.  Cool, but not enough to save it from eventual extinction.


Happy Monday Hatchtopians!


HIT! Dodge Colt

Back in the 90s, aside from Skittles colors, one of the trends was to go with a monochrome wheel cover.  Generally in white.  Kinda like the monochrome house behind it…


Enjoy your week, Hatchtopians!


HIT! Mazda 323

Hopefully, this neat and classic design will cleanse the palate after last week’s flame-surfaced mess.


Here’s to the simple joy of a simple car.  Hope your week is just as easy.