Hatch-sclusive! 1990 Geo Prizm For Sale

Geo Prizms have featured prominently on these pages – they’re regarded with nearly godlike status around these parts. Reliable, flexible, economical and surprisingly quick, the Prizm represented a good value when new, and due to it’s lack of a Toyota badge, a fantastic value on the used market.


But lets face it – most Prizms were used as a transportation appliance – poorly maintained then discarded with little life left. So when one in nice shape shows up for sale, it’s a fairly rare occurrence – and usually those nice rides are hobbled by the truly horrible 3-speed automatic. But for today, when Lee from Portland Oregon left a comment on a post here, letting us all know of his well kept, 5 speed Prizm… and again caused your humble correspondent much angst.


As you can see from the photos, Prizm in question looks to be in pretty nice shape – ODOT doesn’t use salt, which helps keep the tinworm at bay.


Inside, the navy blue/baby blue combination isn’t my first choice, but it’s an early-run car with the full velour treatment (no cheap vinyl on the seatbacks and head restraints), so that’s a definite plus.


And the mileage is fairly low on this 23-year old car, yet not so low that you wonder how many parts will require replacement due to lack of use.


To be honest, the only reason I’m not on a flight to PDX right now is that it’s not the high-zoot GSi. But, with a price at $1,231.52 (yep, in honor of the odometer reading), this car could be a very good deal indeed. So, if you’re interested in a baby blue on baby blue classic hatch, check out Lee’s description below and get in touch at leeleighton (at) comcast dot net – he’s got high resolution versions of the above photos and more for your perusal as well.

As you can see, mileage is just over 123,000.
The black bumper is scuffed at the front left
corner, which we attribute to rubbing against
a retaining wall when backing out of the
driveway at some point. We just replaced the
muffler, which had developed the traditional
Toyota open-seam growl - nice and quiet again
now. On the whole, a very reliable and driveable
car. In honor of the odo reading, we are asking
$1,231.52. The new owner gets the pleasure of
driving across the 123456 mark!

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One response to “Hatch-sclusive! 1990 Geo Prizm For Sale”

  1. Brent Cox says :

    My 1990 Prizm Hatchback is a great car. Love it. Reliable, great on gas, and never let me down yet! The only thing is that stupid 1990’s seatbelt (you know the kind).

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