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HIT! Chevrolet Camaro


What’s special about a 90s Camaro? Just one of the better factory-installed spoilers ever installed. Here’s to an unspoiled week in Hatchtopia.



It’s a CRX SI and apparently, fairly stock. Hope your week is similarly un-molested, Hatchtopians.

Hatch-sclusive! 1990 Geo Prizm For Sale

Geo Prizms have featured prominently on these pages – they’re regarded with nearly godlike status around these parts. Reliable, flexible, economical and surprisingly quick, the Prizm represented a good value when new, and due to it’s lack of a Toyota badge, a fantastic value on the used market.


But lets face it – most Prizms were used as a transportation appliance – poorly maintained then discarded with little life left. So when one in nice shape shows up for sale, it’s a fairly rare occurrence – and usually those nice rides are hobbled by the truly horrible 3-speed automatic. But for today, when Lee from Portland Oregon left a comment on a post here, letting us all know of his well kept, 5 speed Prizm… and again caused your humble correspondent much angst.

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