Breaking News: FX32 Wins at LeMons!

Admittedly, my participation in the construction of the epic twin-engined Toyota Corolla FX32 hatchback was limited.  Perhaps the most visible contribution was the relative straightness of the Home Depot-sourced green and orange painted stripes.  But it still gives me great pleasure to announce that my car won Class B at the 24 Hours of Lemons Colorado race this past weekend.


After months of initial construction and the subsequent hours of racing, a hard hit on the last lap of the FX’s first race put its future in jeopardy.  But after some serious blood sweat and tears, the repairs were made, a few upgrades added and the beastly hatchback was back in action.


Four wheel drive was intentional. Four wheel steering was not.

Instead of placing the FX in the lowly Class C, this time the Judges felt it necessary to bump it up to the faster Class B – and a wise choice it was.  The FX was not only competitive in the higher class, it pretty much dominated it – a C classification would have been a mockery.

So congrats to the members of Volatile RAM/Stick Figure Racing – not only did you keep my paint fresh, but you brought home the hardware.


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One response to “Breaking News: FX32 Wins at LeMons!”

  1. Michael says :

    It’s very simple. Giving the car the number 32 invoked the spirit and blessing of St. Weddle which assures the car success with hard work.

    Nice job!

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