For Sale: The Last One

So, what would it take to get you in a never-registered, brand-new condition hatchback?

You may assume that it’s in factory-new condition.  In fact, there’s still plastic on the seats and steering wheel.  The car has only 54 miles under its 20-year old tires.  Oh sorry, did I fail to mention that the car in question is a 1993 model?


Perhaps with that knowledge you start to worry a bit.  It’s older, hatchbacks of that age period are generally regarded as being a bit penalty-box-ish.  After all, this particular hatchback has no stereo.  No power windows or door locks either.  In fact, it comes with a bit of gray carpet covering the area where the back seat should be.  But, it’s from the final year of the Golden Age of Hatchbacks!  A piece of history could be yours!


Hmmm… Yeah, it’s pretty basic.  Oh, so you want to see the outside?


Did I fail to mention that it was a Mustang Cobra?  My bad.

It’s a Mustang Cobra.


As in Racing: upgraded Koni shocks, engine oil and power steering coolers.  A/C and power window/lock delete, no rear seating.  54 miles.  Showroom condition.  Plastic wrap still intact.  And this…


The last one ever built.

If it all checks out, the $115,000 entry price should be no problem.  Get your credit card and head over to Ogden Lincoln in Westmont Illinois.

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