Tease! 1990 Geo Prizm GSi For Sale

There’s something to be said for being blissfully unaware.  Like if I were to not know that this rare Prizm GSi existed and was for sale.  But my buddy Larry from the Stick Figure/Volatile RAM racing team – you may remember this – just had to send me this link and get me all interested.  While the price on the dealer’s website shows a $2950 asking price (a ridiculous amount for a car with over a quarter-million miles, rare or not), the Craigslist ad that Larry provided showed a significant mark-down to $1700.  If not for a fairly recent, ill-fated fly-and-drive, those sorts of numbers get a man thinking…

1Y1SL7454LZ120751_4Alas, it’s not the ideal color for a car with sporting pretense, but it’s very similar to my old ride, and that makes up for a lot.  Yeah, I’m going for nostalgia here, so sue me.  I think the best color for this car is probably black, but considering there’s probably only a few hundred of these left in running condition, beggars can’t be choosers.  Larry tells me that it’s still overpriced, but he just wants to harvest that sweet little engine for another race car project.


The interior is in surprisingly good shape with the exception of some worn fabric on the driver’s seat bolster – clean upholstery, no cracks in the dash pad, original stereo.   The engine bay isn’t clean, but looks to be free of most shade-tree mechanic gimcrackery, and perhaps best of all is an apparently rust-free body.  That alone to me would be worth the price of admission.


But again, memories of the Hellvan loom.  Instead, this GSi will be sold to someone else.  Hopefully they will appreciate it for what it is…


Source: Bill Phillips Auto Sales – Mobile, Alabama

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