Hyperlapse is The Coolest Car-Related Thing That’s Not a Hatchback

Sometimes you have to get out of your hatchback (or lesser automobile) and check out the real world not through the lens of a windshield.  Go out and walk the dog, do some yard work… who am I kidding – you’re here reading this, right?  Why not view the world through the lens of someone else’s car (kinda).

Picture 5

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Google’s Street View feature, but the overall gist of it is that Google canvased the globe with cars equipped with 9 cameras mounted on a roof mast.  The resulting photos are edited, stitched together and then displayed using Google Earth or on the Google Maps website.  From there, you can check out various points of interest, points of non-interest and all kinds of oddball stuff.

And perhaps you’re not impressed by the quality of the photography – the picture above is admittedly a very poor representation of an amazing structure.

But that’s not the whole story.  From the developers at Teehan+Lax is this amazing preview video that hints at the possibilities of using Google Street View to stitch together landscapes that define entire continents.  Click on the photo below for the amazing HD preview video.

Picture 6

But the best part?  You can make your own.

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