1984 Toyota Corolla Diesel(!)

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a mid-80s Corolla Hatchback.  And it’s a diesel…


Now as a hatchback historian and a NUMMI fanatic, I had no idea that the Corolla was ever offered with an oil-burner.  So thanks to Curbside Classics, now we all know.  Click here to check out the details over at CC.  As mentioned in that article, Toyota arrived a little late as gas prices began to fall in the late 80s – but it seems with the flexible nature of the hatchback body and the economy of the diesel engine, this would have been a great little city runabout.

Fueleconomy.gov lists the 5-speed diesel’s MPG rating at 40 city/48 highway, a notable increase over the gas version’s 31/36 tally.

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4 responses to “1984 Toyota Corolla Diesel(!)”

  1. Tyler says :

    If anything ever happens to my FX16, this body style will be the replacement. with all the FX16 goodies, of course.

  2. Tyler says :

    It is an 87 FX16, approximately 301,000 miles, the engine was replaced at about 290,000. The only mods it has are a Megasquirt 1 ECU, and a C160 LSD 6 speed from a 98 Sprinter Trueno. I use it to tow my shifter kart, so i recently put it back on stock suspension for that nice ride.

    My Dad’s daily driver is an 87 GT-S

    I can take a lot more photos and email them to you if you would like

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