HA! I’m Back! And I’ve Been Busy

So yeah, it’s been a while since there’s been anything new here on Hatchtopia.  But I do have a bit of an excuse – I’ve been helping out with the construction of a truly insane twin-engined hatchback known as the FX32 below.  The FX will be racing in an upcoming 24 Hours of Lemons event – if you’re unaware, that’s a racing series for cars costing less than $500, and quite a riot.


Why FX32?  Well, it was originally a front-drive Toyota Corolla FX16 hatchback – but through some genius sawzall-ing and welding, it’s now got the back half of a rear-drive Toyota MR2 where your giant speaker box would usually go.  16 valves on the Corolla + 16 on the MR2 = 32.  Best of all, from a distance, it looks like a fairly stock hatchback.


An impressively complete history of the build of this Frankenyota is available over at Hooniverse.com – written by Friend of Hatchtopia Scott – who incidentally will be a part of the FX32 team as well.


A massive photo dump will be forthcoming over at Hooniverse.com as well – I’ll make sure to hit the hatchback high points here.  And most of all, welcome back – I hope you choose to make Hatchtopia a regular stop.  I plan on keeping things up a little better here, so send in tips if you got ’em.

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