1988 Mazda 323 GTX

Ah yes, another high school dream car… for this Hatchtopian at least… but you need to jump on this quick.  The Mazda 323 GTX was a fairly rare car in its time, but nowadays, it’s practically impossible to find one in decent shape.  This car is one of those.  Powered by a turbo 4-banger and sporting all-wheel-drive, the GTX package was a rally homologation special that stepped the 323 up from its very humble econobox roots to a desirable, quick and fun to drive little sports coupe.

I’ll just leave a couple of pix here and a link to the ebay auction taking place in Seattle right now.  Oh, please some enthusiast buy this and treat this little gem like the rare and cool ride it is – drive it hard, but don’t leave it wet.

Via ebay

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