1994 Plymouth Sundance

If you’ve been following Hatchtopia for a while now, you know that I posted a Dodge Shadow a while back with the statement that it was likely the cleanest Shadow in the world.  Fortunately for me and my blanket statements, this one’s a Sundance.  Hurray for badge engineering!  It would appear that there is a veritable endless supply of low-mile, granny-driven Sundances and Shadows out there… or maybe not.

I won’t bore you with the history and the details – if you’re interested, check out the Shadow post.  This one’s a 5-door instead of a 3- like the Shadow and looks a little more frumpy styling-wise.  You may recall that I said that I thought the 3-door version wasn’t bad looking, and I stand by that statement.

But for one thing…

Seriously, I half expect the window cranks to operate in a square motion rather than a circle.

And yes, it is very clean, very low miles and verrrry basic.  But it’s also got a no reserve auction going, so someone has a chance to get a piece of history for a tidy little price.  Perhaps this one will be more valuable than the Dodge version due to Plymouth’s untimely demise.  Who knows…

Via ebay Motors


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