1968 MGB GT

Salt Lake City’s beautiful and historic Liberty Park hosts a number of special events throughout the year.  One of those is the British Field Day, a celebration of British cars and bikes in any condition from 100-point restorations to old daily beaters.

Of course, this provides a perfect opportunity for those in the market for a vintage limey ride to come out and kick some real tires, rather than trolling the shark-infested waters of Craigslist or the like.

Wile Hatchtopia isn’t in the market, what with all manner of two-wheeled conveyance taking over the garage, we are more than happy to share.  This particular vintage hatch would have been the one to attract the attention of my wallet.

So write down the phone number from the decidedly retro manner of advertisement below and get your grubby driving gloves on this sweet little vintage piece of iron.

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3 responses to “1968 MGB GT”

  1. Dave Van Lue says :

    Nice car, Ray. Everyone’s life would be better with an MGB GT (also, one of the greatest car model names of all time).

  2. Real Al to your Bizarro Ray says :

    Is that a hatch or more of a shooting brake?

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