Mass Transit Madness: Mazda MX-3

You’re probably thinking that Hatchtopia has transformed itself from all things hatchback to a Mazda MX-3 blog.  So sue me.  I like the amorphous early 90s blob that featured a minuscule 1.8 liter V6 and awesome 80s skittles colors.

So for those philistines in the audience who are anti-skittles colors, here’s an MX-3 in white.  You’ll have to deal with the blob shape for now, but at least it doesn’t look like a kitchen appliance, right?   Today’s MX-3 was spotted in a local park-and-ride lot and features that jewel of a V6.  It also looks to be in pretty good condition with the exception of some easily-fixed front end damage.

Fortunately, this car is not for sale to my knowledge – still no room in the garage for this sort of foolishness.  So my MX-3 dreams will remain just that – dreams.

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