1991 Citroen BX

From the Finnish Bureau Desk at Hooniverse.com comes this cool French hatchback.  While a couple of French manufacturers managed to struggle along for a few years in hatchback-unfriendly America, this Citroen has never had a whiff of apple pie or baseball.  Shame, too because the tailgate on this ride would have been perfect to use in a pre-game get-together.

Apparently, it’s fairly rust-free, likely due to a large percentage of plastic body panels (including the hood) and in surprisingly good shape for having put 232,000 kilometers behind it’s refrigerator-shaped body.  Whether or not your friendly local DMV person would be able to punch the VIN into the computer is a whole different appliance altogether.

So check out the story, then scrounge up 600 Euros out of the Lazy-Boy and arrange a flight, shipping container and divorce papers as this car will certainly be the only example on your suburban block.

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