Toy Tuesday: 1992 Honda Civic

Used to be, the Fifth Generation Honda Civic was as common as Bott’s Dots on an LA freeway.  A couple of decades of hard commuting miles, unsympathetic secondary market buyers and rust have reduced their numbers significantly.  The ones that remain are likely to be fitted with fart-can exhausts and stick-on vents from Pep Boys – so unless you’re in to that sort of thing, potential Civic shoppers looking for a nice example have been mostly out of luck.

Until now.

Yeah, it looks a little lumpy and despite the lack of rust, you should probably still avoid water… and stepping on it.  But, dear reader – the mint condition Civic you’ve been hoping to find is here now.


Some assembly required – did I mention the instructions were in Japanese?  Get yours here.




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4 responses to “Toy Tuesday: 1992 Honda Civic”

  1. erz performance says :

    Where can I get one of these Honda civic paper model?

  2. erz performance says :

    Thank for your reply.

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