Hatchtastic Car Illustrations: Blueprints

You may recall last week’s post on some of the cool artistic representations of cars that manufacturers produced in the days before Photoshop and computer gimmickry.  This week, Hatchtopia visits the more technical side of the drawn automotive form.

As a site that sells these cool little bits of auto ephemera, the-blueprints.com caters to a clientele that will likely be using these drawings as a basis for either technical or artistic endeavors.  That said, the graphic above is about the biggest you’re going to see unless you pony up some cash.  Even then, they are quite cool to scroll through and take a gander.

The site focuses mostly on unknown-to-American-shores vehicles, which to me makes it even more cool.  But there are a few familiar vehicles in the well-organized site.  Of course, while there is a hatchback category, a visit to the pick-up, tank or construction equipment pages may be more your style.  I won’t judge.

via the-blueprints.com

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