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Toy Tuesday: Fiat 500 Abarth

These pages have featured Fiat’s first offering in the United States since abandoning the market nearly 30 years ago – but not the anticipated Abarth version.  Yet.

Fortunately, today the wait is over.

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Mass Transit Madness: Mazda MX-3

You’re probably thinking that Hatchtopia has transformed itself from all things hatchback to a Mazda MX-3 blog.  So sue me.  I like the amorphous early 90s blob that featured a minuscule 1.8 liter V6 and awesome 80s skittles colors.

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1991 Citroen BX

From the Finnish Bureau Desk at comes this cool French hatchback.  While a couple of French manufacturers managed to struggle along for a few years in hatchback-unfriendly America, this Citroen has never had a whiff of apple pie or baseball.  Shame, too because the tailgate on this ride would have been perfect to use in a pre-game get-together.

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Hatches In Motion: Geo Prizm

You may have read that a 1990 Geo Prizm was my first car.  Here’s something that neither you, fair reader – nor myself knew about the Geo Prizm: it was capable of a 9.4 second 0-60 sprint.

Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you.

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Toy Tuesday: 1992 Honda Civic

Used to be, the Fifth Generation Honda Civic was as common as Bott’s Dots on an LA freeway.  A couple of decades of hard commuting miles, unsympathetic secondary market buyers and rust have reduced their numbers significantly.  The ones that remain are likely to be fitted with fart-can exhausts and stick-on vents from Pep Boys – so unless you’re in to that sort of thing, potential Civic shoppers looking for a nice example have been mostly out of luck.

Until now.

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The Golden Age of Hatchbacks

If you’re a long-time Hatchtopia reader, you may have been wondering – when are we going to get an explanation of the nebulous Golden Age of Hatchbacks.  You may have Googled it, Wikipedia’d it, looked at your local library or landfill – nothing.  Today is your lucky day, hatchback historian.

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1949 Kaiser Vagabond

When you look at the Hatchtopia archives, you’ll generally see model years beginning with 197- or 198- with a few 199-s mixed in.  So to see a hatchback from the 1940s is something very special indeed.

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1982 Datsun 200SX

Update (5/4) – The seller has lowered the price to $1250.  

Okay, let’s get this out of the way right now – yeah, that’s a lot of rust.  Usually the cars featured in the Hawking a Hatch category are in relatively pristine condition – low miles, no body damage, clean interiors.  This one is a little different – sure it’s still a rare car nowadays, but this one is featured because of its quarter-million mile odometer reading and the fact that the seller obviously loves this car.

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Hatchtastic Car Illustrations: Blueprints

You may recall last week’s post on some of the cool artistic representations of cars that manufacturers produced in the days before Photoshop and computer gimmickry.  This week, Hatchtopia visits the more technical side of the drawn automotive form.

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