1993 Mazda MX-3

You may remember the last MX-3 featured on these pages – it was a 90s-fantastic magenta color.  Today, another MX3, another 90s flashback.  No matter what we think of these colors now, at least they were color.  Current offerings seem only to consist of black, white, silver, charcoal, black with a small amount of red, dark silver, charcoal with some blue, black and maybe if you’re lucky, red.

This particular teal-fantastico is available in Ogden Utah for the not-so-low price of $3500.  However, at that price, you do get a very nice example.  Low miles at only 60,100 and this well-kept color-infused interior:

It is, of course, an automatic.  So it’s got that going for it or against it, depending on your point of view.  In the end, it’s not a cheap car for its age, but probably a pretty good deal based on the apparent condition and low miles.  Who knows, maybe the MX-3 will be a classic someday.

via KSL.com

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