1987 Honda Accord Aerodeck

A mid-80s vintage Honda Accord has been featured on these pages in the past, however, this one is a little different.  As you likely know, Americans often miss out on the coolest versions of cars that are sold in numerous other more advanced countries.  An example of that is the hatchback Honda Accord Aerodeck.

No, it’s not an over-inflated Civic of similar vintage.  The Weird British Hatchback ™ you’re seeing there is an extended roofline hatchback – significantly different than the US fastback version.  What the Aerodeck gives up in rakish good looks, it gains in interior space and versatility.  Available only in Japan and Europe, this particular car is now available for sale smack in the middle of these United States for the not-so-low price of $7500.

Whether or not an oddball version of a very mainstream vehicle is worth that kind of bank is debatable.  What is also debatable (with the denizens of the DMV) is whether or not this car can be registered to drive on the right side of the road – if you look carefully at that photo  above, you’ll see the steering wheel on the wrong side.

So, if you’re a mail carrier with a weird-car fetish or just a masochist, head to Minneapolis and snatch this one up!

Via Minneapolis Craigslist



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