Toy Tuesday: Paper Golf

Welcome to another Toy Tuesday at Hatchtopia.  Today, we’ll be looking at something that will probably be a bit advanced for your typical hatchback-enthusiast child… who are we fooling – all of the previous toys have been strictly for grown-ups anyway.

Do you enjoy Exacto Knives?  The attendant slices in your finger tips?  The smell of aviation fuel glue?  Have I got a little project for you – a paper Volkswagen Golf.

If you’re reading this site, you probably know of the Volkswagen Golf, so I’ll spare the history lesson and go straight to the source of this fun timewaster.

You’ll need some card stock – not too heavy and not too light, a printer, Exacto knife, some glue and a steady hand.  Perhaps some bandaids – and this link.  Don’t worry if your 2-years of state-mandated Spanish class are decades in the past like me – apparently “download” is “download” even in another language – head for the lower left corner.

There aren’t really any options other than to build the model you see in the photo above – unless of course you have access to Photoshop or other graphics program.  Then, the sky’s the limit – have fun!

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2 responses to “Toy Tuesday: Paper Golf”

  1. dougschaefer says :

    A Google search for ‘paper cars’ brought this site with links to lots of paper car patterns. Alas, no Geo Prisms, but there is some hatch love, like this Audi Quatro Coupe

  2. Yugi says :

    The GTI has always been a great lttlie car. A MkI would be my first choice, but the MkIII above is awesome. I like how the owner’s wheel selection plays so well with the black side moulding the car is predominately white, with black trim, yet the wheels are the opposite, contrasting without upsetting the balance of the design.Not a fan of the roof racks, but it works well in the industrial setting. The owner got a great shot with this one. Crisp white and black Vdub in a world of greys, here.Thanks for sharing!

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