2012 Fiat 500

It’s not very often I get to take a sweet hatchback out and really get some good photos – most of the time, I’m making due with whatever’s in the background, foreground and floating around in front.  So when my buddy Jon told me he’d be happy to let me use his new Fiat 500 as a model, I jumped at the opportunity.  The fact that Jon lived in a cool new neighborhood with lots of interesting architectural backdrops sealed the deal.

The diminutive stature of the 500 is hidden from straight on.  Inside, it’s narrow, but the front seats are quite comfortable.  Mirrors du jour – mounted on stalks are most visible at this angle.

Click for full-sized wallpaper version - huge!

You may recall seeing the above image in this year’s Hatchtopia.com calendar – in fact, if you have a  copy, it was last month’s model – go ahead and feel free to frame yours now.

There is a back seat in there, but it’s mostly suited for children or perhaps a medium sized dog.  If it were my car, I’d keep the seat folded forward most of the time, and have the option of the rear seat when needed in a pinch – a  vastly more practical option than the two-seat Smart Fortwo (which honestly doesn’t get that great of gas mileage or offer a financial advantage over the 500 given what you get in return).

Taking a look at the re-introduction of Mini and the introduction of its various successors into the US market, it appears that Fiat is following a similar template  with the Abarth performance version of the 500 and other Fiat models in the pipeline.  The 500 seems to be a pretty strong contender in the super-mini class – with significantly more space and practicality than the Smart car for a similar price.  Looks are obviously subjective, but here I believe the 500 has the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2 beaten hands down.

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