1978 Reliant Scimitar

Hatchtopia has brought you links to Bringatrailer.com before – that site is probably the premier online portal for all things odd and cool when it comes to car sales.  At the same time, it’s been a while since Hatchtopia has featured a Weird British Hatchback.

So, today is a link to a car that I’ve honestly never even heard of – Bringatrailer says they’ve just never seen one (trying to one-up me, BAT?!).  In any case, it is truly one of the cooler hatchback/shooting breaks I’ve laid my eyes on.  A 1978 Reliant Scimitar.

Even the dazzling floor pattern doesn't distract my eyes from this beauty.

The proportions of this car seem so right to me – I think the only two things I would change would be the color (to a British Racing Green) and the wheels (to damn near anything else).  The huge vinyl sunroof is a cool feature, and I’m guessing the back seat isn’t too bad for two normal-sized adults.

It seems like there would be a market for a modern reinterpretation of this type of vehicle – what with Baby Boomers flocking to active/lifestyle/grandcoupe/oversizedweirdhatchbacksuvs.  But off the top of my head, the only similar modern car I can think of is this…

Yes, I did just compare a Hyundai Veloster to a Weird British Hatchback. Oh, and have I mentioned that this and other cool hatchback photos are available in the 2012 Hatchtopia.com Calendar?

Thanks to my buddy Matt for the heads up on this one, via bringatrailer.com

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