Toy Tuesday: Datsun 240Z

I’ve decided to make Toy Tuesday a semi-regular feature here at Hatchtopia.  Why?  Because it’s fun.  This particular ride is a hyper-realistic version of the 1st Generation Datsun Z, rolling on a 390 millimeter wheelbase.  I think you’ll agree that the detail on this car is very impressive at any size.

Based on the pictures above, your eye could be easily fooled into believing that this Z is a full-sized car.  Obviously, a lot of work went into this ride.

And best of all, the impressive looks and performance can be yours for only $169 – well, you do have to provide your own paint and man-hours.  And electronic running gear.  Still, it’s a lot cheaper than finding a beater 240 on Craigslist.

Via HPI Racing – check out their awesome selection of hatchbacks and other RC rides at their website.

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