Toy Tuesday: Lego Hatchback

By now, everyone knows of my love for Hatchbacks.  Some of you may know of my love of Legos.  My collection started when I was about 4 and developed to the point that by age 12, I had enough Lego cars, buildings, minifigs (the people) and accessories to create a pretty sizable town that I had laid out on a 4×8 sheet of plywood supported by sawhorses in the basement.  It was there that I became an Urban Planner – my current career.  That emphasis on the layout of the town and the buildings within was probably why I never developed too many detailed car models.  I did have a fleet of various cars that populated my table-town, but they were mostly mass-produced: either copies of retail models, or variations on a couple of my own standard designs.  But one thing was common, the design had to fit on the roads in my town.

It was that road-width issue that kept me from branching out too far like the creator of today’s feature.

I love the little details that show up here.  On the underside is an exhaust system.  Inside, the seats fold down in the rear and forward in the front.  A dashboard shows the tiny driver all the information they need.  And under the hood is a tiny Lego engine to drive the tiny Lego car.

It’s brilliant.

Check out more of this particular hatchback and other Lego creations.

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2 responses to “Toy Tuesday: Lego Hatchback”

  1. Real Al to your Bizarro Ray says :

    You’re welcome.

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