1985 Toyota Supra

Here’s an available example of a nice mid-80s performance coupe.  The Toyota Supra was the big dog in the Toyota lineup in those days, and competed against other Japanese coupes such as the Nissan 300 ZX and Mazda RX-7.  All three shared a hatchback body style and were front-engine, rear-wheel-drive.  The ZX and Supra both were powered by 6-cylinder engines, while the Mazda stuck with the traditional rotary.

Not many remain 25-plus years later.  Rust was a common ailment, along with negligent or downright abusive owners in the secondary market.  Today’s classified find seems to have escaped those two afflictions.  While not the most inspiring of color combinations, the exterior silver paint looks to be pretty shiny and apparently rust-free, while the gray interior is clean and in nice shape.

I’ve always liked the design of this generation of Supra.  The body is bold and powerful with straight lines and big wheel arches.  The character line leading to the side mirrors is a particular favorite, a styling theme which also appearied on my high school dream car featured elsewhere.

There’s 148,000 miles on the 2.8 liter 6, which honestly should be considered to be just broken in for this Toyota engine.  This mill, while not a fire-breathing powerhouse, will deliver sufficient thrust with the characteristic smoothness of an inline 6. According to the seller, recent service work has been done – this could be a nice weekend cruiser for the relatively low price of $5000.

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2 responses to “1985 Toyota Supra”

  1. needthatcar says :

    Want. I have the Hotwheels version of this car. That’s where I learned to appreciate it. I love the harsh angular lines.

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