1981 Volkswagen Rabbit

Of course by now, you know of my love for the Volkswagen Rabbit and likely the origin of this irrational behavior.  That said, it’s probably good that my garage is entirely packed full at this point, or I may have to be restrained from making silly purchases like this beauty linked over at hooniverse.com.

This ride is a little bit nicer than my family’s old Rabbit C – it’s got real fabric on the seats rather than the hides of naugha.  It also has two doors, which automatically means it’s sportier.  And although this baby blue interior is a little bit lighter shade than what I remember, this car still brings back happy memories.  At a $9,500 starting bid, I’m not sure if it will bring happy memories for the seller, but in the long run, someone will end up with a neat little museum piece to bring out for sunny weekend drives.

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