1979 Volkswagen Dasher

You may remember the stylish gent from Malibu asking if it looked like he would drive a Buick.  Well, yeah, he did look like a Buick driver, but he was shilling for a fine German Autobahn burner, the Volkswagen Dasher.

Well, the burner thing may be a bit of an exaggeration.  The Dasher was in name only, and in fact was an American name only.  Everywhere else, this car was known as the Passat, a pattern that VW followed with the first generation Rabbit which then became the Golf as it was worldwide for the second generation.

This particular Dasher is apparently capable of burning nothing at this point – the seller notes that while the car doesn’t currently run, a person could invest some time, they could flip it for the princely sum of $3500.  Me, I’d just keep it.  Do I look like the type that would drive a Buick?

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One response to “1979 Volkswagen Dasher”

  1. Real Al to your Bizarro Ray says :

    Yes. Yes you do.

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