Vintage Hatchback Commercial: Datsun 210

I can’t figure out which I like better, the awesome tape stripes on the outside, or the awesome plaid fabric on the interior.  Also of note is the impressively optimistic fuel economy numbers:  35 city, 47 highway.  With advances in engine technology in the intervening years, if people could accept a basic, lightweight, stripped-down economy car like this now, not only would it get better gas mileage, it would be sports car-fast too.  Oh well…

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One response to “Vintage Hatchback Commercial: Datsun 210”

  1. Real Al to your Bizarro Ray says :

    The modern equivalent would be a Nissan Versa, which has about 50% more power and another 600+ lbs in weight. Most of that bloat is safety-related, not feature-creep.

    So, while I agree a modern Versa at the same weight would be more fun to drive but it would be a helluva lot less fun to crash.

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