1986 Toyota Celica

I guess I shouldn’t continually state how surprised I am to see certain cars in nice shape, but I just can’t help it sometimes.  Previous Hawking a Hatch posts have included such statements, and this one will as well.  You simply just don’t see cars like this so well maintained.  Not often at least, so there are still a few out there.  This ’86 Celica is obviously in good shape based on the photos – the owner claims no rust is present, but being driven in a mountain state, I would trust but confirm on that one.

The color combination is less than inspiring, but maybe that helps in keeping the boy-racer types from getting their grubby mitts on it.  The wheel covers obviously need to go – perhaps some period BBS wheels?  Or the stock steelies with full center caps?  I miss those – simple steel wheels with a cover over the hub and lug nuts – a nice clean look too cheap for today’s tastes.

Speaking of clean, check out this interior.  Makes me long for the days of mechanical switches, few idiot lights and a simpler, easier driving experience.  I would miss my heated seats though…

It could be yours for only $2,950 if you’d like to venture up to Preston, Idaho.  Say hi to Uncle Rico for me.




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