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1981 Volkswagen Rabbit

Of course by now, you know of my love for the Volkswagen Rabbit and likely the origin of this irrational behavior.  That said, it’s probably good that my garage is entirely packed full at this point, or I may have to be restrained from making silly purchases like this beauty linked over at

This ride is a little bit nicer than my family’s old Rabbit C – it’s got real fabric on the seats rather than the hides of naugha.  It also has two doors, which automatically means it’s sportier.  And although this baby blue interior is a little bit lighter shade than what I remember, this car still brings back happy memories.  At a $9,500 starting bid, I’m not sure if it will bring happy memories for the seller, but in the long run, someone will end up with a neat little museum piece to bring out for sunny weekend drives.

Old Parked Car: 1969 Triumph GT6+

From the wilds of Portland, Oregon via the excellent website – a rare and certainly interesting lawn-parked Triumph.  One of about 12,000 made, this one’s seen better days.  Boy, I’d love to take a whiff of that interior – I’m quite certain there are some new and fascinating forms of fungi growing in there…

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2008 Saturn Astra

As a Ford fanboy and former Focus ZX3 owner, it always really bugged me that Ford chose to revise the first generation Focus rather than bring the vastly better 2nd generation car over from Europe.

But the good news at the time was that General Motors did instead.

What’s that you say?

Not really, but in theory, the Saturn Astra – imported from Europe, based on a European hatchback design – was a more legitimate replacement for the first generation Focus than what Ford dumped on the US market.

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1979 Volkswagen Dasher

You may remember the stylish gent from Malibu asking if it looked like he would drive a Buick.  Well, yeah, he did look like a Buick driver, but he was shilling for a fine German Autobahn burner, the Volkswagen Dasher.

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1993 Toyota Celica

You may know that I’m now writing ocassional articles for   It’s a true honor for me, as I’ve only been doing this blog thing for a short time.  In any case, there is a bit of overlap of content between this site and Hooniverse, so I thought I’d share today’s Fastback Friday feature with the readers here at Hatchtopia.


1987 Mazda 626 LX

And here is yet another example of the Golden Age of Hatchbacks for you as I continue to flesh out that idea (full story coming soon, I promise).  Back in the days when many midsized, mainstream cars were available as hatchbacks, Mazda was a niche player like today, but turned out an impressive product nonetheless.

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Vintage Hatchback Commercial: 1979 Volkswagen Dasher

Hooo boy, how I loves me some snark in car commercials.  They just don’t make  them like they used to, do they?

Oh, and by the way, yeah you kinda do.

Vintage Hatchback Commercial: Datsun 210

I can’t figure out which I like better, the awesome tape stripes on the outside, or the awesome plaid fabric on the interior.  Also of note is the impressively optimistic fuel economy numbers:  35 city, 47 highway.  With advances in engine technology in the intervening years, if people could accept a basic, lightweight, stripped-down economy car like this now, not only would it get better gas mileage, it would be sports car-fast too.  Oh well…

1986 Toyota Celica

I guess I shouldn’t continually state how surprised I am to see certain cars in nice shape, but I just can’t help it sometimes.  Previous Hawking a Hatch posts have included such statements, and this one will as well.  You simply just don’t see cars like this so well maintained.  Not often at least, so there are still a few out there.  This ’86 Celica is obviously in good shape based on the photos – the owner claims no rust is present, but being driven in a mountain state, I would trust but confirm on that one.

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