Design Study: 2012 Lexus CT200h

Billed as the most fuel efficient luxury car in the US, the CT200h is the latest in a line of interminably named, but generally fine automobiles from Toyota’s luxury division.  It is currently Lexus’ only hatchback (if you don’t count their myriad SUVs, which I don’t), and in my opinion, their best looking offering.

With the exception of an oddly-styled C-pillar – that instead of making the car look like a 3-door coupe, makes it look strangely rear-heavy – the CT is a very nice looking car.  It does have some of the tiresome current styling memes such as poor rearward visibility, the high beltline and appendage-y looking stalk-mounted door mirrors, but all-in-all, it is a refined, clean and handsome design.

It also wore the best looking set of wheels at the 2012 Utah International Auto Expo.

Here’s Hatchtopia’s take on the rest of the CT200h.  Leave a comment below if you have anything to add, or even if you disagree with this assessment (unpossible!).

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5 responses to “Design Study: 2012 Lexus CT200h”

  1. needthatcar says :

    I think it has one redeeming quality: It will be able to blend in. That’s it. It is boring, goofy, and wonky, but the cops won’t notice you in a crowd.

    It’s a two-bagger.

  2. driver says :

    i don’t like this car. that said if you want giant, barn door external mirrors, just look at subaru. dumbo ears across the range. see the vw polo (6R) and golf (Mk VI) for some nice hatchback mirrors.

    • Hatchtopia says :

      I noticed the Subarus as well. It is particularly out of place on a car that is supposed to maximize fuel economy such as the CT200h. But mirrors on all cars seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Odd – only thing I can figure is that we’re become worse and lazier drivers.

  3. Real Al to your Bizarro Ray says :

    Looks like it’s based on the Venza platform or maybe that new Prius XL. That would explain the awkward rear treatment.

    Must look better in person than it does in pictures.

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