1992 Geo Metro

Honestly, you just have to see it to believe it.  Via Justin Hyde at Motoramic, the Yahoo car blog, I present you perhaps the world’s only Geo Metro limousine.  In my mind, this one’ s circled the idiotic/brilliant continuum a few times and landed squarely in the brilliant quadrant.  Except of course, if there are only two options, then you can’t really have “quadrants,” so…

and yes that is a tiger giving betty boop the eye on the hood of the car!

There are times that you read an ad and think to yourself, “there is no way that the car can possibly live up to this description.”  This is one of those times.  I really can’t make this car sound any better myself, so make sure you click through to the actual Craigslist ad, as it is truly spectacular.

Unfortunately, despite the descriptive prose and excellent photography, I can’t help but think that this custom job may have negatively impacted the Metro’s true reason for existence – it’s impressive fuel economy.  I would have loved to see some photos of the limo interior, as I can imagine that it fully lives up to traditional limo standards, but alas, there are none.  Perhaps a Hatchtopia reader can go take this rig for a test drive and report back.

Link: Geo Metro limousine can be yours for the price of an iPad

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