Hatchtopia goes retro!

The 1980s – sub-dollar gasoline and 59-cent 32-ounce drinks.  Why do I mention those two items and not the typical low-hanging fruit like bad music and worse fashion?  Because those are two items you’ll see in this retro gallery.   In this blog, I’ve made a few mentions of the Golden Age of Hatchbacks and never once fully explained what I mean by that term.  Rest assured, I’m working on a fleshed-out explanation, but until then, I’ll let this collection of photos speak their thousand words.

1984: A quiet street in Sandy, Utah where a Honda Civic is about to make an illegal u-turn. The 2012 version of this photo would have featured a Cadillac Escalade and threats of a lawsuit over the extraordinary danger the child bicyclist was facing due to the maneuver.

1990: Near the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, a Saab shares curb space with two early SUVs, previewing the fall of the family station wagon and to a lesser extent, the hatchback.

1989: Two sporty imports (Toyota Celica, Nissan 200sx) wait for traffic to clear after filling up with 89 cent per gallon gasoline.

1988: Three of five cars in the lot at this Circle K are hatchbacks. Of course, two are Chevettes, so what does this really prove? That people love 59 cent Thirstbusters, apparently.

1985: A recently completed city park is the setting for a Citation and Escort lunchtime rendezvous. Mike Judge couldn't have story-boarded this one better.

1984: Leading a Datsun 310, an unidentified hatchback waits for a green light on a steep San Francisco hill. Nearby, a Volkswagen Rabbit is parked.

1988: The proud owner of a well-accessorized Mitsubishi Starion parks far away from potential door-dingers. I can't help but think this won't be the last appearance of this generation of Starion on these pages...

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