Design Study: 2012 Ferrari FF

I’m sure that Ferrari would love to have you believe that their new FF is a shooting brake – a fancy name for a two-door station wagon – but let’s be honest, this new ride from Maranello is a hatchback.

And it is the ultimate hatchback. Conservative, yet audacious, the styling of this new 2+2 is pure Ferrari – masculine and powerful while still being feminine and curvy. Far removed from the days of funky air intakes and odd side-strakes, the look is long, low and purposeful.

Subtle creases mark the upper and lower portions of the sides while a low beltline allows the car to be an imposing presence without appearing heavy.  The V12 engine is hinted at by a long hood and impressive distance between the front wheel wells and leading door edge. All in all, it’s a classy and beautiful addition to the historic Ferrari stable.

Click photo to embiggen.

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5 responses to “Design Study: 2012 Ferrari FF”

  1. needthatcar says :

    It’s the most beautiful clown shoe ever designed.

    By the way, I love these posts, but I need a clean photo of the FF…maybe a wallpaper version. Do you do requests?

    • Hatchtopia says :

      What’s your screen resolution? Would you like it with the same comic book effect or anything? I may just post a couple of different variants for people to download.

  2. needthatcar says :

    Mine’s 1680×1050. As far as the art of it, I’ll trust your photoshop skillz.

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