1971 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1600

The Lancia Fulvia, while a fairly rare vehicle, is not unheard of in the US – a quick search at bringatrailer.com shows several listed in just the last few months.  What makes this particular example unusual is that it was imported directly from Europe – note the funky euro headlights rather than the typical US-spec round sealed beams.

Penned by the famed Zagato design house, the Fulvia Sport was originally a simple aluminum coupe body stretched over an existing sedan frame.   All of the many versions of the Fulvia are powered by a variant of a V4 engine, a configuration not often seen off the farm.

The odometer shows only 95,000 km and the seller states that it runs well –  pictures of the engine compartment show a tidy and clean space.  Unfortunately, this car is one of the later steel-bodied, rather than all-aluminum cars.  The ad does state, however, that no rust is visible on the car.  Also on the bright side, as one of the later models, this car was fitted with the penultimate version of the V4 – displacing 1584 cubic centimeters, it produced 115 horsepower and was sufficient to power the car all the way to a blistering 118 mile-per-hour top speed.

As noted above, the engine compartment looks clean based on a couple of photos. The body seems fairly straight and the interior clean and in nice condition.  So, considering that and the fact that the original owner’s manual and Italian service and registration records are included – is it worth around $30k?  The relative rarity of this car makes it an interesting proposition.  But the importation from Italy and the lack of license plates in any photo is a concern.  May want to double-check your states’ registration requirements before you bid…  Check out more photos at the auction page on ebay.

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3 responses to “1971 Lancia Fulvia Sport 1600”

  1. needthatcar says :

    Hey, that’s the same hp as my Scion xB.

    • Hatchtopia says :

      With the aerodynamics of the xB, can it match the Lancia’s top speed? The Rondo is electronically limited to 118, which is not coincidentally the top-speed limit for a T-rated tire.

  2. needthatcar says :

    I don’t think I could get much over 100 in the xB. It runs 4200 rpm at 80.

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