1979 Volkswagen Rabbit

I kinda hate going to the well two days in a row, but this drink is worth it.  A top-notch restoration with some very nice, but not over-the-top upgrades on this two-door Rabbit.  If I had the money, time, garage space, money, ability and money, this is probably exactly what I would build.  It makes me weep with its beauty.  Again, from the brilliant website, bringatrailer.com:

This 1979 VW Rabbit (VIN 1793659078) was given a rotisserie transformation in the style of an early Euro GTI five years and 6000 miles ago. Rarely are these A1 chassis cars so thoroughly built…

Scratch-Built 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit 16v


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2 responses to “1979 Volkswagen Rabbit”

  1. needthatcar says :

    Both the recent BMW and this VW are about $12k. Which would you buy? I am guessing this VW, but the wise investment dollar might be in the BMW.

    By the way, the euro-spec bumpers on this VW are a brilliant touch. They really add to the look, but you don’t notice why.

    • Hatchtopia says :

      I know the wise investment is the BMW, especially with the rareness of the Touring model in the US, but my irrational side is drawn to the Rabbit. Memories of the back seat are still strong. Ironically, I’ve never driven one, but I want that car baaaad.

      Euro-spec bumpers: you don’t notice how cool they are until you see the US spec side-by-side. Addition by subtraction.

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