1992 Nissan NX1600

The Nissan NX series was only sold for a short period in the United States – 1991 to 1993, so seeing one is kind of unusual. It was based on the contemporary Nissan Sentra and competed against the likes of the Mazda MX-3 and the Honda Del Sol – sharing the ‘funky headlights’ styling theme with the MX-3.  Two engines were available – the 1.6 liter four cylinder in the base NX1600 and the 2.0 liter in the upmarket NX2000 model.  The 1600 functioned as a stylish economy coupe, while the 2000 was the more serious performance-oriented car.

The 2.0 liter engine developed 140 horsepower and had extensive performance upgrades over the base – larger wheels, brakes and better suspension components were included.  A 1992 Road and Track magazine article pitted the 2000 against the Acura NSX , Porsche 911 and several others in a test to determine the world’s best handling car.  While it was not crowned the winner, its inclusion with such heady company is impressive.

What is also unusual is Salt Lake City’s downtown library.  Designed by Moshe Safdie and completed in 2003, the Library building features passive lighting through significant glass area, and a 5-story tall atrium that contains not only access points to the book collections, but several small stores and a coffee shop.  On the roof of the building is a large garden area that features spectacular views of downtown Salt Lake City.

The opportunity to get a picture of an oddball car in front of an iconic piece of architecture doesn’t come along every day, and this photo illustration was destined to land in the Hatchtopia.com 2012 Calendar until a certain Fiat 500 bumped it out of the rotation.   You’ll have to check out the preview of the Calendar to see that one.

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2 responses to “1992 Nissan NX1600”

  1. needthatcar says :

    Do they allow people to walk up on the roof/garden area?

    Did that Nissan participate in a recent demolition derby?

    • Hatchtopia says :

      Yes and quite possibly.

      The roof is well worth the effort to get there – use the main stairs inside near the checkout or head out to the plaza and go to the end of the “tail” and up from there. Beautiful view. Had engagement photos taken up there.

      You should have seen the NX before I did my photoshop manipulation on it – this car is the definition of “beater.”

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