2012 Hatchtopia Calendar!

So a couple of things to note as Hatchtopia continues its rocket-like upward trajectory into the rarefied air of the best blogs in the Universe…

Soon, Hatchtopia will be transitioning to a dedicated domain – which unfortunately costs money.  Not a lot, mind you.  That said, Hatchtopia will be trying to raise a few bucks to pay for the domain registration.  Accordingly, a calendar will soon be on offer in the Hatchtopia Shop, along with some other branded products.

Hatchtopia has been out and about, looking for the most promising hatchback models to star in the upcoming calendar – but if you have any hi-res photos you’d like to submit, by all means, let us know in the comments section below.

Speaking of comments, leave some!  Usually, posts are written in a sort of open-ended manner to hopefully aid in dialogue.  So if you have something to say – like that the author is a complete raging moron, or brilliant (more likely the latter) – do so.  You’ll likely get a response, and there’s nothing more thrilling than interacting virtually with a world-famous published author, right?


2 responses to “2012 Hatchtopia Calendar!”

  1. Melanie says :

    Sounds cool. I would like to what other items you will have

  2. uteking says :

    Preliminarily, key chains, license plate frame and probably a t-shirt or two. Working on getting it all together ASAP – bad timing for Holiday shopping… oh well!

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