Hare Splitter

There are a lot of vehicles for sale discussed on this blog, and honestly, they’re all quite affordable as cars go. Then again, perhaps you don’t need a new car – the hatchback you’ve already got meets your needs, is paid off, whatever.  So I present to you the first in an occasional series of more affordable hatchbacks.

As a kid who rode in the back of a ’79 Volkswagen Rabbit, I thought it was the coolest car in the world.  Ensconced in acres of baby blue naugahyde, I saw the world through the gunsights of twin high-back bucket seats and a nearly vertical (by today’s standards) windshield.  I had dreams of owning my own Rabbit, and those dreams came true.  Frequently.

Because it was a popular car of its time, the Rabbit was the subject of numerous scale reproductions, including the Hare Splitter pictured above.  For a few months, I tried to convince my dad that our Rabbit simply had to have a hockey-stick rally stripe too.  I had the ‘Splitter in white and yellow – they were a significant contrast to the birght green 4-door surf wagon that filled out my trifecta of 1:64 scale hatchbacks.  That one I didn’t enjoy as much as the surfboards would frequently fall off and get lost in the dozen-hued carpet in my bedroom, only to be found painfully later by shoeless footsteps.

On ebay: Classic VW for sale - only 12 bucks.

Finally, like most boys my age, I enjoyed building plastic scale models.  Also like most boys, I didn’t have the greatest amount of patience for completing the build to high levels of fit and finish.  In any case, one of my favorite builds was of course, a Rabbit.

On ebay: Customize it yourself for low dollars!

This particular set allowed the builder to construct the car as a stock base model Rabbit, or as a customized panel van.  Despite my shortcomings in craftsmanship, I chose the stock version – albeit in custom all-white (not) paint.  Though, looking back on it now, I think a real-life version on the panel van would be pretty sweet.

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4 responses to “Hare Splitter”

  1. needthatcar says :

    I can’t wait much longer for a post about a golden age Supra.

  2. Omer Willson says :

    Great post!

  3. exercise bike price says :

    Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

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