1987 Acura Integra

Okay, I’ll admit it – that last Hawking a Hatch post was pretty much a turkey.  A bit late for Thanksgiving too.  This one is a little better.  Remember the checklist I had for cool cars back in high school?  You know, pop-up headlights, hatchback, etc.?  Well, this car met the criteria, and in fact was the very car I was shopping for on the day I ended up with the Geo Prizm.

The first generation Acura Integra was a ground-breaking vehicle.  Imported from Japan by Honda, it was a part of Honda’s new luxury line, and probably the first true luxury compact.  Available in two trim lines – either well equipped, or very well equipped, early Integras were powered by a fuel injected, dual overhead cam 1.6 liter four pushing 113 horses to the front wheels.  Handling was widely regarded as very good for a front-drive vehicle and the ’87 model made Car and Driver’s 10 Best list for the first of six Integra appearances.

Crisp lines in the days before the amorphous blob became popular.

Available now on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $5,000 (about the same as when I was shopping for one back in ’92), this 3-door is the lower-trim RS version, unfortunately equipped with an automatic transmission.  This rig has over 90,000 miles on the clock, but looks to be very well maintained, with only minor blemishes on the exterior and a clean interior.  To be honest though, for those kinda bucks, this car really should be the top-level LS – although this RS is very well equipped.

You’d be very lucky to find a relatively unmolested early Integra these days – most have either rusted away or been subjected to questionable modifications of the body and engine type.  The auto trans is definitely a demerit, but if you can overlook that, this car would make for a unique, comfortable, agile and economical ride with plenty of room for a big subwoofer box.

Plenty of room for that speaker box.

Via ebay Motors

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One response to “1987 Acura Integra”

  1. Melanie says :

    My sister in law had an Integra. A later model, maybe 1989 if they made that. She had the manual transmission

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