Jaguar XJS

I know what you’re thinking… the XJS isn’t a hatchback.  Hatchtopia must not have had their Wheaties this morning.  You’d be right, unless you were an brilliantly crazed and talented Brit with way too much time on his hands…

This magnificent beast comes courtesy of the kindred souls that run Hooniverse for their regular Fastback Friday feature.

Judging by the photos, it looks like a very well-executed custom job.  The two-tone paint fits the car perfectly and the hatch, when closed, looks like it was always meant to be – which is the ultimate compliment for a custom job like this.  The trunk looks rather small for any sort of serious subwoofer box, but that’s not what this car is all about.  That all said, who knows what may lurk beneath gallons of bondo and pretty paint.  I’d give it a chance, except for the fact that it’s on the other side of the planet.

Oh well… probably good for my marriage in any case.

Check out the details on ebay.

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2 responses to “Jaguar XJS”

  1. The Real Al to Your Bizzarro Ray says :

    That actually looks pretty dope.

    • uteking says :

      I know, right? Gotta appreciate the effort if nothing else. I’ve seen Jag-cheros before – they’re practically a dime a dozen compared to this one.

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