1987ish Honda Accord

The 3rd generation Honda Accord was produced between 1986 and 1989 and in my opinion, was one of the best looking mainstream cars of its time.  The low, wedge-shaped hood was accentuated with pop-up headlights, a low beltline and clean, straight character lines. Designers of today’s cars could learn a lesson from sitting in a mid-80s Honda and beholding the fantastic sightlines afforded by the large glass area.  But I digress…

This particular example is the 3-door version of the Accord – notable because it is the last such model sold in the United States.  Sadly, you don’t see too many of this vintage Accord around here, mostly due to significant rust issues that most Hondas of that age develop.

This particular example suffered from rust along much of the lower portion of the body – fenders, rocker panels, door skins, you name it.  The clever owner has disguised much of the damage with a liberal application of Rust-o-leum’s finest, but that unfortunately will do little to stop the progress of the tin worm.  Sadly, while the engine in this car will likely soldier on for several hundred thousand miles, the body cradling it will be mostly junk after a couple more harsh mountain winters.

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Hatches in the Wild is the portion of the blog where street-parked hatchbacks are featured in a visual manner.  I won’t blather on too much about the cars on these posts, because honestly, I know little of their history (including the year of manufacture, obviously).  That said, sometimes I like to play with Photoshop as well, so some of the visual representations – like this one – will be a little more artistic.

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