Citroen Saxo

I saw one.  Here in Salt Lake.  No, really.  A random French hatchback, in the parking lot at Smith’s on 400 South, sporting a license plate from Principat d’Andorra.   According to Wikipedia, Andorra has a population of approximately 85,000 souls – which makes this sighting all the more unusual.  Makes one wonder just how many Andorran Citroen Saxos there are in the world, and how many have made the long trek to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Had I been thinking, and had it not been so dark, I would have snapped a quick cellphone photo and you’d be feasting your eyes on the first “Hatch in the Wild” post ever.  Alas, this Wikipedia shot will have to do for now…

So, a French-by-way-of-Andorra hatch makes its first appearance here on Hatchtopia… what could be next?  Who knows – I’ll be better about taking pictures of hatches in the wild, and I welcome submissions from readers.  Hatches of all types are welcome here – junkers, racers, oddballs, whatever.  Even if you have, say, a Hyundai Elantra GT parked in front of something interesting, send it it.  Bonus internet points for giant speaker boxes shown in the photo.

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